Bloom Vol 1

The long awaited compilation album from premium audiophile label that gave Winnie Ho, Zyan and 2V1G is finally out! The first compilation released by the label, this is an album promised of amazing vocals and high quality production – mastered by leading audiophile engineer Kent Poon.

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The compilation album records 11 brand new songs and starts off with 2V1G (Winnie Ho, Serena Chong & guitar maestro Roger Wang) singing the classic Faye Wong hit “天空 The Sky” and Lin Fan’s “一个人生活 Living In Solitude which were first heard at their sold-out concert in Esplanade just 2 months ago.

The album is complete with the ending song “绽放Blossom” which all the artistes take part – a truly phenomenal way to leave fans wanting for more.

限量珍藏版 – 续2V1G , S2S 呈现东南亚优质发烧唱片公司 - PopPop Music 的首张合辑。优柔的声音搭配着精致简单乐器编曲,《BLOOM》的最後製版處理是由亞洲著名Hi Fi 唱片錄音工程師Kent Poon(潘建章)担任, 以确保专辑的顶级音质

这张等待已久的合辑终于出炉了!续何芸妮,欣彦和2V1G 之后, 这张专辑收录了PopPop Music的才华艺人,而由和张学友合作过的Roger Wang & 泽相,加上亞洲著名Hi Fi 唱片錄音工程師潘建章的携手制作。

专辑里收录了11首新歌,前几首就是何芸妮,张盈慧和著名吉他天才Roger Wang组成的2V1G的翻唱歌曲, 象是王菲的“天空“,林凡的“一个人生活 ”和黄莺莺的经典“花言巧语”。两个月前,他们在新加坡滨海艺术中心销售一空的演唱会上表演的几首歌,深受观众的欢呼。

最后一首 “绽放” 则是由全艺人合唱,让你听完了感受清新的迷人魅力。


Track list:

SIDE A – Light & Easy

1. 天空The Sky - 2V1G

2. 一个人生活Living in Solitude – 2V1G

3. 花言巧语Flowery Words – 2V1G

4. 秋夜Autumnal Night - Zyan

5. 那些花儿These Flowers - Zyan

6. 月亮代表我的心The Moon Speaks For My Heart – Roger Wang


SIDE B – Sultry & Funky


7. 意难忘Unforgettable Melody – Serena

8. 最后的温柔Last Bit Of Tenderness - Lydia

9. 爱我Love Me - Lydia

10. 夜来香Fragrance Of The Night – Winnie

11. 爱人不见了My Lover Is Gone - Winnie

12.  绽放Blossom – Winnie, Serena, Zyan, Lydia 


Sample Tracks:

天空The Sky - 2V1G


花言巧语Flowery Words – 2V1G

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