Who is Hanjin ( 誰是陳奐仁 )

Singapore’s award-winning music prodigy, Tan Han Jin (陳奐仁), unleashes his long awaited debut mandarin album in full force, "Who is Hanjin?” in Hong Kong on 28th August 2011

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Who is Hanjin ( 誰是陳奐仁 )
by Tan Hanjin (陳奐仁) 



Han Jin (奐仁) lives and breathes music and <Who is Hanjin?> is his testament to his musical talent. This brand new release is a 16-track audio and personal documentary reflecting the first ten years in Hanjin’s (奐仁) musical career. From a young music producer’s child-like ideals to living through the trials and tribulation in the entertainment industry; From learning the tough lessons of reality, to losing faith in oneself, his craft and his dreams, to rediscovering himself thus finding inner peace. The greatest revelation in this journey revealed in this album is that “happiness is simple” and “anything more than zero is a blessing”.

<Who Is Hanjin?> was printed directly to analogue tape and mastered off half inch analogue reels. 16bit 44.1 kHz masters were created from DSD format masters.


在维基百科找到了他近十年的资料,我们很了解“音乐神童”陈奐仁了。我们真的了解陈奐仁吗?那就再看多少少关于他的过去... 歌唱老师说「奐仁喜欢唱歌,但声音不动听。」钢琴老师说「奐仁不够灵巧,跟音乐没缘份,不要学琴好了。」好像还不够辛辣?!医生说「奐仁左耳的听力只有常人的75%,右耳只有50%。」。换作是别人,做保险也好做I.T.也好,一早便“灵巧”地转汰,但他继续唱歌,踏实地做音乐,背靠信念继续坚持,咬实牙关去克服先天不足。十年下来,身兼曲、词、编、监、唱、混音甚至涉足电影电视,这是奇迹?还是源于快乐的力量?

「谁是陈奐仁」是他入行十年以来一个感觉精选,十六首全新作品囊括了生活必然的喜悦、执着、感慨、被出卖及对生命的疑问等等。 陈奐仁将用平常心,向大家细细道来。

Track List:

01. 双手朝天
02. 没时间后悔  (怒火街頭 主題曲)
03. 干吗伤心
04. 音乐赚钱不靠谱
05. 安全感
06. 好朋友
07. 一座钢琴,一把木吉他,一把电吉他
08. 没出息
09. 没所谓
10. 宝贝
11. 我们都有错
12. 慢走,再见,老朋友
13. 你有我的关怀
14. Happiness
15. 光脱脱
16. Simple Things

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